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Are You Ready to Take Flight?

I was thinking about the process of flying and how there is a procedure of things we must undergo before we take off to get to our destination and thought how similar this is to going to your next level. 

Some of the procedures that involves in flying are: 1. Printing your boarding pass- which gives you access to restricted areas 2. Check your bags-there is a weight requirement anything over that requirement will cost you 3. Go through TSA- this security measure ensures you can successfully pass through 4. Find your gate/terminal-this directs you to where you need to go to get to the plane that’s going to take you to your destination 5. Wait to board- the plane has to be prepared before it loads it’s passenger 6. Board plane- Boarding passes has to be checked to make sure you’re on the right flight 7. Find your seat- once everyone is seated you listen to flight attendant instructions on safety measures in case of emergency and pilot approximate time of arrival to your destination 8. Take off- sit and relax now that you have been cleared of the process you are ready to be carried to your destination. I think about how many of us are ready to take off to new levels but haven’t undergone the preparations that would successfully get us there. 1. Your boarding pass is God’s “ GO!” Have God released you to the place you are trying to gain access to? 2. You have to understand everything/everybody won’t be given the same access to your NEXT! Carrying extra weight to your next level can cost you and delay you from getting to your next destination. 3. Make sure your heart, mind and spirit isn’t holding on to stuff that will keep you from moving forward. Remember every new level requires another you!! 4. Follow the vision and instructions of the Lord that will lead you to where you need to go or do to get to your next level 5. Delay does not mean denial learn to be patient as God makes a way to get you there. 6. If you remain steadfast in the preparations it took to get you here now you’re ready to transition into your next. Don’t move prematurely and take the wrong flight. Premature moves can be detrimental to arriving to your destination. 7. Seek the Lord for directions and guidance as you elevate. What’s required of you on this new level will be more than what was on your current level. If you follow God’s lead you’ll arrive on time even if you come across some challenges because God equipped you to handle it. 8. Now YOU’RE READY to take flight. Don’t allow fear to make you turn back. God was getting you in position to go HIGHER!! Rest in Him...He’ll confirm when you’ve reached your DESTINATION!

While we may be in a rush to get to our NEW, our NEXT, to ELEVATION and/or PROMOTION unless you are willing to undergo the process it takes to prepare you to get there you may never ARRIVE!! 

Don’t get frustrated with your process you’re being prepared to rise to something GREATER!!



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