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Cant Find the Time?

Time is something most of us struggle with trying to find when it comes to prayer. Our busy lives became a constant challenge in us communing with God. We tend to our families, our careers, businesses, school, ministry, and all sorts of things that fill up our days. As important as all these things are none of it is as important as spending time with God. God should be our first priority and our time spent with Him should reflect that.

The enemy wants to keep us distracted with an over busy life so we won’t have time to connect with God. He knows the more we connect with Him the more we discover His plan for our lives; the more we connect with Him the more we are transformed in His image and desire His will for our lives; the more we connect the more our heart images God; the more we connect with God the more of His power is released upon us to fulfill His great plan.

The thing about time it doesn’t stop for no one. It’s important that we are making the best use of our time.  While we are all given the same amount of time in a day some of us have more responsibilities to juggle making it very challenging to find the time to seek God in prayer. When we are done attending to all to things that require our attention we are too tired and wiped out to spend any time with God. So it becomes very challenging for us to develop a strong prayer life and time becomes our enemy. We want to confront and attack this enemy of time by creating a plan and strategy to walk in the victory over how to use our time spending it with God

So I will address a 5-step plan of action that will help you in finding the time to pray and build a solid foundational relationship with God.

Your life should be prioritized as

1. God


3. Children/Family

4. Ministry/Vocation(Work)

If we say God is first and foremost in our life we need to make Him the center of everything. We shouldn't be scheduling our time to fit God in because God is the core of our lives everything else should be scheduled within our time with God. There should never be a time we are not with God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17” Pray without ceasing”

We have to become intentional in our prayer life and understand there will be something we will never discover about and His plan if we don't stretch beyond our the small time zone we place Him in in our lives.

Eliminate some time in areas where there is too much invaluable time is spent and place prayer in the place of it.

•Swap spending so much time on the phone/ internet with spending time taking to God.•Minimize that time you spend on social media sites and start maximizing your time in prayer.•Cut down your television time in half and use that time to connect with God.

The greatest invention for T.V. is DVR but you can’t DVR time with God so use that time to have a live experience in His presence and go back and watch your recorded shows. 

Find space in your day where you can alter your time to include God; remember He wants to be included in your life.

In the instance, that you wake up at 6 am try waking up at 5:45 and commit those 15 minutes to reflect and pray.

Make your coffee/ lunch break a time of prayer- while you are sitting there making coffee those five minutes can be given to talking to God. Any time you give Him is time well spent!!

Use your last 5-10 minutes on your lunch to sit, meditate, and hear from God.

When the kids/family is sleep use this time before you go to bed to rest in God’s presence. 

Take advantage of times you are are alone for instance in the shower, doing household chores, commuting to work all these are great times to be with God and talk to Him about your life.

Find time to date God!!. He is concerned about you and He wants for you to become more than informed of Him and He want you to know Him and a deep and intimate level.

We schedule all kinds of events/reminders throughout our day it’s vital to our spiritual health and growth that we forget not to schedule an appointment with God.

Set your calendars/alarms to schedule times throughout your day to remind you to meet with God.

It don’t have to be long meetings but make it a priority to meet with Him. The more you meet the more you’ll find yourself arranging your time around to being with Him.

Be consistent to sticking to your scheduled appointment. Don’t leave God waiting there for you to arrive and you never show up!

I know life gets busy and I know we have so much that occupies our time but as much as we have to do throughout our day we make sure those things are done, we make sure we go to work, we make sure we get on social media, we make sure we build our businesses, we make sure we spend time planning our dreams and yes we should because all these things are important but if we can make time for these things we should be able to make time for the MOST IMPORTANT in our life which is GOD.

Say today lets say, No MORE EXCUSES, no more naming a million and one reasons why we don’t have the time to pray. Let’s put in action a million and two reasons why we should make time to meet God in prayer.

Eliminate excuses and our expand our time given to God in prayer!!

Prayer increases our relationship with God, prayer changes us from the inside out, in prayer the Holy Spirit gives us direction and guidance for our lives, in prayer we gain strength, we grow in faith we are encouraged, we find rest and peace for our weary souls, we discover our identity and purpose in payer, in prayer we allow the power of God to work through us and we see transformation, we tap into supernatural manifestations of His power and glory, in prayer God reveals the deep and hidden things to His children, in prayer we are prepared and dress for warfare,it is where we get God strategies and plans to destroy the plot of every devil that trying to destroy your purpose, your family, your children, your marriage, your ministry,

There is much power released in prayer and we must put in action the time for it. 

Let’s declare that the enemy of time will no longer control how we spend our time with God. Prayer will become an intentional part of our daily lives.

Get ready to watch how your life is changed by making time to be with God in prayer.




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