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It's in you to Win

Updated: Jan 23

Encouragement:No matter what you are faced with you are coming out with the victory.

In life we are confronted with many of challenges and some that seem to much for us to even face. I think we have all been on the battlefield and felt like yielding the fight and saying "I Quit." I know from my own experiences life can sometimes be this hard and you are ready to just give up but I also learned I was fighting from the wrong position. I wasn't fighting from a place of faith but from a place of weariness. Whenever we put the battle in our hands we are changing our stand in the battle. We get our strength from the Lord, it is through Him we are able to conquer and overcome the test and trials of this world. When you feel outnumbered and have no where else to turn remember this " the battle is not yours it's the Lords." Seek Him as you getting ready to go in battle because He will be there to give you the strategy to win


Prayer:Father God, I thank you that whatever we are facing or whatever we are troubled with, you have given us the ability to overcome it.  Your grace and love shown towards us through Your loving Son Christ Jesus has given us a guaranteed victory. So, I pray we will continue to walk in the spirit of faith which declares we are more than a conqueror in Him. He has already defeated every battle will we face all we have to do is trust and believe that we have already WON!  Every struggle we endure, every obstacle we come across, and every opposition we face is only a testament of our faith. We cannot and we will not be defeated because no weapon formed against us shall prosper and God has given us the power through Christ to conquer over all things. We shall triumph over fear, we shall triumph over sickness, we shall triumph over lack, we shall triumph over depression, we shall triumph over wicked forces, we shall triumph over manipulation, we shall triumph over sin, and we shall triumph over ALL the enemy! We are verified WINNERS! Our victory has been confirmed by the blood of Jesus and we are more than CONQUERORS through Him! Amen!

Daily Meditation Verse:Romans 8:37 CEB

But in all these things we win a sweeping victory through the one who loved us.



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